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Meal planning, recipes and other resources

A Healthy Diet

It is important that from 6 months, when the first foods are offered children are encouraged to eat a varied diet, By the age of 1 year, children should have an established daily routine of meals and snacks based around the four main food groups:

  • Bread, other cereals and potatoes

  • Fruit and vegetables

  • Milk and dairy foods

  • Meat, fish and alternatives such as pulses, eggs and soya


All the recipes have been designed as a resource for care settings who care for children aged 1-4 years. Please note, each recipe serves approximately 12 child-size portions.


Meal plan 1                                                  Meal plan 2                                            Meal plan 3


Breakfast                                                     Light Meals                                            Main meals

Iron rich salads                                           Vegetable stock and gravy                  Desserts


Other resources

Healthy Snacks                                           Healthy lunchbox! (information leaflet)



Nippers' Nutrition

Please note: Child care settings who are part of the Nippers' Nutrition Programme may need to offer an extra type of fresh fruit or vegetable, protein or carbohydrate source to ensure that a variety is given, and that the food offered complies with the Nippers' criteria. Please refer to the menu planning tool to help you with this, or contact your Nippers' Nutrition Officer for guidance and support.


Some of these recipes have been adapted from the following:

Caroline Walker Trust Eating well for 1-4 year olds Practical Guide and Food Photo Cards (2010).

Start 4 Life

Children's food trust Eat Better Start Better