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Summer Salad

Serves 3 Costs 2.50 per recipe Costs 0.80 per serving Takes 10 mins to cook Takes  5 mins to prepare Vegetarian 1 5 a day portions


1 lettuce
2 eggs
1 cup broad beans
3 salad onions, chopped
2 tomatoes, sliced

2 tbsp olive oil
1 tbsp white wine vinegar
½ tsp mustard
¼ tsp curry powder
1 tbsp yoghurt
1 tsp honey
Paprika, salt and pepper


Put the eggs and beans into a pan of boiling water.

Boil the beans for 3 minutes until soft, then take out and run under cold water.

Leave the eggs in for a further 7 minutes.

Meanwhile, wash the salad and vegetables.

Take the eggs out and peel them, then run under cold water. When cool, slice.

Make the dressing by mixing the mustard, seasoning and honey in a bowl. Then add the vinegar and oil. Finally add the yoghurt.

Add all the salad items to the dressing in the bowl. Mix and serve!

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