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Baked Potato with Green Cheesy Watercress Filling

Serves 2 Costs 3.00 per recipe Costs 1.50 per serving Takes 20 mins to cook Takes  10 mins to prepare Vegetarian


3 tbsp cottage cheese
40g watercress
Salt and pepper
2 jacket potatoes
Sliced tomato to place on top


Scrub and pierce potatoes and cook in microwave until tender(approx 7-10 minutes).

Place the cottage cheese and watercress in a food processor and whiz for a few seconds until quite smooth.

Spoon into a mixing bowl and season.

Split the potatoes, scrape out the filling and mix with the green sauce. Spoon back into the jackets and top with a few slices of tomato.

Place the jackets under a pre-heated grill or in the oven until golden.

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